Featherstone, NP, recently appeared on The Dark Side of the Full Moon Podcast by Jennifer Silliman to discuss the importance of using inclusive language in perinatal mental health care. The Dark Side of the Full Moon podcast is a way to continue the conversations around maternal mental health that were started in the award documentary Dark Side of the Full Moon. Over 1 million women a year still suffer in silence from very treatable disorders, so the hope is to have women continue to share their powerful narratives so others know they’re not alone.

Featherstone is a nonbinary perinatal Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and founder of Eucalyptus Health, focusing on improving outcomes for families by decreasing parental mental illness and substance use to decrease ACE’s for children, and improving overall functioning of families within communities.

They currently serve as the organizer of the Greater Richmond Perinatal Mental Health Coalition, which serves to improve screening and access to treatment for new and expecting parents and partners affected by mental health disorders. Their passions outside of mental health are in sexual and contraceptive education for teens and adults, STI awareness, and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.