Parenting is a Journey.

You don't have to do it alone.

Eucalyptus Health provides telehealth services to new and expecting parents, with a focus on holistic mental health care.

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Our Mission

The mission of Eucalyptus Health is to educate, empower, and provide psychiatric care to parents through the reproductive years. We seek to provide the most up-to-date information on psychopharmacology, or medications for mental illness, and partner with families for their health and well being. We strive to offer care that is affordable, accessible, and inclusive to all parents, regardless of race, gender, age, marital status, sexuality, veteran status, or lifestyle.

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Rachel Featherstone

Board Certified
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Featherstone’s career in healthcare began in 2005 in Richmond, Virginia. Their experience focused on labor and delivery, along with prenatal and behavioral health care. Originally beginning training as a nurse-midwife, Rachel discovered that the important work of developing relationships to support the mental health of parents happened outside the birthing environment. Rachel strives to bring the ‘heart’ of midwifery to mental health care, to improve the quality of life for the entire family. Their passions are sexual health, gynecological concerns, breastfeeding, and birth control.